Launch images
Launch images are shown during the launch animation when a user launches your app from the home screen, or switches back to it from a backgrounded state.

iOS launch images

We use a "launch storyboard" for iOS to configure your app's launch images. This is to simplify launch image support across a wide range of device sizes and resolutions, and is also required by iOS to support the larger iPad devices at native resolutions.
When you configure your app via our website, you may auto-generate your launch storyboard from one of the other images you've already uploaded such as the app icon, or upload a new image that you'd like to use.
If you'd like to specify your own full-screen launch images for each device type, please see our knowledge base article at

Android launch images

Due to all of the different resolutions and pixel densities available on the Android platform, these Android launch images are best specified as "9-patch" images. More info about 9-patch on Google.
Please generate the 9-patch images through our website. If you want to provide your own 9-patch images, you may download the Android source code for your app and replace them in the source.
Last modified 1yr ago