NativeJS - Explicit push consent
With this configuration, you can require users to explicitly consent to push notifications before they are used in your app.
In Import/Export section when editing your app through our website, or alternatively in appConfig.json file directly if modifying source code, please add a new field under services -> oneSignal -> "requiresUserPrivacyConsent" : true. The default is false.
"oneSignal": {
"active": true,
"applicationId": "XXXXXXXX",
"requiresUserPrivacyConsent": true
If requiresUserPrivacyConsent is true, user will need to explicitly consent before any device data is sent to OneSignal to support push notifications.
You may then trigger the prompt for push notification consent by opening url gonative://onesignal/userPrivacyConsent/grant, or running javascript window.location.href = 'gonative://onesignal/userPrivacyConsent/grant';
To revoke consent, please use url gonative://onesignal/userPrivacyConsent/revoke
We have also added to gonative_onesignal_info a new field: oneSignalRequiresUserPrivacyConsent. More info at link. It will be true if consent has not yet been granted.
Last modified 1yr ago
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