Jailbreak / root detection
Once the premium module has been added to your app, you may use the following APIs to access its functionality .


This module allows you to detect that your user is running on a rooted Android or jailbroken iOS device. It uses a variety of methods, including the presence of certain binaries, apps, and supported URL protocols.
Note that no root or jailbreak detection can be 100% foolproof. Having root or jailbreaking the device by its nature provides a level of access that can be used trick any attempt to detect it. This module is intended to provide a reasonable level of detection that you can use to warn your users or to disable certain functionality.
When the app launches, if the app detects a rooted device, it will load the initial URL with an additional query parameter, which may be either rootDetected=true or isRooted=true . Please check for both query parameter values. For example, instead of loading https://example.com/, the app will load https://example.com/?rootDetected=true

Libraries used

Android root detection: https://github.com/scottyab/rootbeer
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