Offline download manager
Once the premium module has been added to your app, you may use the following APIs to access its functionality.


Create a javascript function to receive status events, e.g.
function downloadCallback(data) {
Before starting any downloads, you will need to register your callback by opening this url:
You may open this url via javascript, using:
window.location.href = ‘gonative://downloads/init?callback=downloadCallback’;

Starting downloads

To start a download, open the url:
All query params should be url encoded. "url" and "title" are required, all others are optional.
Supported query parameters are:
  • url: The url of the file to download. Should start with http or https.
  • title: The name to show in the UI
  • identifier (optional): a string used to identify the download in the downloadCallback function, so that multiple simultaneous downloads can be differentiated
  • details (optional): additional information to show below the title. A description of the download.
  • date (optional): a date in yyyy-mm-dd format to show below the details. Can be used to show a publish date for a podcast, for example.
After a download is started, the callback function will be called with a data object with the following fields:
  • identifier: the identifier passed to the downloadFile command
  • event: "progress", "done", or "error"
If event is "progress":
  • bytesWritten: the number of bytes that have been downloaded
  • expectedBytes: the file sized indicated by the server
If event is "error":
  • errorMessage: A string indicating the reason for the error

Showing UI

To show the download manager user interface, open the following url:
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