Supporting additional languages

If your website supports additional languages other than English, then your GoNative apps will also. No changes should be required for the translation and localization of your website content to any languages your website already supports.

For iOS, there may be some system-level dialogs that appear in your app. In order to translate these strings, your app must explicitly support these additional languages in its source code.

To enable this feature, you must add eg. "languages": ["fr", "de"] field under "general" section in Import/Export section when editing your app. We currently support French "fr" and German "de".

// eg. see below for supporting French, in addition to English
"general" : {
"languages" : ["fr"],
}, ...

If you require additional language support for these system-level dialogs, please send us an email with the language, the language code, and translations for "Cancel", "Ok", "View", and "Menu".